Muskogee Health and Wellness Center @ Honor Heights is a State of the Art, 35,000 s.f. Medical Office Building. It is designed with healthy living and working in mind, while also minimizing it's impact on the site. Rain water storage for use on the site, ground source Heat Pumps and the use of the sites existing conditions in the design of the building along with Insulation values that exceed any code standard are just some of the LEED attributes given to this building. Covered parking and a "safe room" are only two of the ways the existing site was used to our advantage.

Other projects on the boards:

   * St. Anthony Hospital - South Campus - Day Treatment  and Radiology Clinic
 * International Charismatic Church - South Oklahoma City

* Grace Presbyterian Church - Stillwater, Oklahoma

  * Schwartz Residence - Lake Hiwassee

Computer Modeling by Don Hogan, Austin Texas.
Muskogee Health and Wellness Center @ Honor Heights

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